Aims & Visions

Michael Ungar, Ph.D. is Director of the Resilience Research Centre. Linda Theron, Ph.D., is an extraordinary professor in Optentia Research Focus Area. Together, they will be presenting Pathways to Resilience IV: Global South Perspectives of Individual and Community Resilience.

We aspire to energize minds, infuse wisdom and inspire change.

The aim of the Pathways IV conference is to provide an update on resilience theory, measurement and application. The conference will focus on why and how individuals, families, and communities adjust well to challenging life events, structural adversity, and natural disasters; how best to research processes of positive adaptation; and how resilience knowledge can be used to support wellbeing under stress. The conference will provide opportunities for academics, practitioners, service providers, students and policy makers to discuss, debate, and interrogate hegemonic knowledge; and to promote new insights, develop skills, and build networks.